Work Experience


Vancouver, CA
  • Software engineer on the Microsoft News (MSN) team.

Little Giant

Auckland, NZ
  • Backend developer on client websites and internal tooling.
  • Led backend development start-to-finish on two client sites and new project template for whole agency.
  • Identified use case and developed an internal CLI tool to automate common tasks.
  • Numerous open source contributions, including heavy development on an e-commerce project.


Redmond, USA
  • Software engineering internship with the Universal Store Commerce Services Team.
  • Created analysis pipelines for service monitoring, and accompanying dashboard.

University of Auckland

Auckland, NZ

Spinning Planet Web Design

Palmerston North, NZ / Auckland, NZ (Remote)
  • 3 months full-time, then part-time with university as a remote developer on the same project.


Bachelor of Engineering (BE Hons.)

University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
  • Specialising in Software Engineering.
  • Awarded with First Class Honours.



Educational Unity app for Honours project

Ex Umbra

Unity game for software engineering design course
  • Exploring serious games and game design concepts.
  • Worked on complex camera and enemy behaviour.

Task Scheduler

Algorithmic Java project for software engineering design course
  • Dependency graph scheduler using a parallelised Java program.
  • Parallelisation and dynamically re-allocating processing between multiple threads.
  • Topological sort implementation was merged into the Graphstream algorithms library.